Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mommy-Son Weekend

Steve was away last weekend for an informal fraternity reunion, and Jack and I were on our own. I'm sure Steve had a great time walking around campus and drinking bourbon, but I've got to say, the Cub and I had a really great time.

It poured rain on Saturday, thus killing my plans for us to go to Baby Animal Day at Frying Pan Park. I'll take him next week, since I doubt the baby animals will all have matured by then. We did our usual Saturday stuff, and at Costco I made the amazing discovery that Jack, who has been shunning vegetables of late (funny, since that used to be all he'd eat), loves spinach nuggets, of all things. He scarfed down two of the free samples, so I bought a box for home. Dan and Liana came over in the evening so we could go look for a dress for Liana. I was not as desperate for adult contact as I thought I'd be by then, though I'm sure it helped to keep me sane for the rest of the weekend. Dan was very amused by the fact that Jack consistently called me Dada.

On Sunday, things were a little more challenging because I had a horrible headache. Ordinarily, I would have handed Jack over to Steve and crawled into bed, but that was not an option. So, I took a handful of Advil with a cup of coffee. I had to put away the groceries, so I put Jack in his high chair and dumped an entire jar of Blueberry Buckle on the tray. He looked at me like, "Really?" Jack then alternated between eating it by the handful and smearing it all over his tray, making pretty patterns.

Unfortunately, I still wasn't feeling so good and was not up to giving my sticky blue boy a bath quite yet. So I gave his hands and face a quick swipe, took off his shirt, and carried him to the basement. I put on Sesame Street and curled up in a ball on the floor. Jack was really great. He watched the show quietly, coming over every once in a while to cuddle with me or give me a kiss. Sweet little guy, and his magic cuddling powers made me feel much better.

So then, it was time for the bath. Jack had an absolute blast, splashing probably about half of the water out of the tub and onto Mommy and the surrounding floor. Then he got a look on his face. Dialogue follows.

Me: Um, Jack? Are you doing what I think you're doing? Should I maybe put you on the toilet and... oh, it's too late.
Jack: Uh-oh!
Me: This bath is over.

So, I took the boy out of the polluted bathwater and put him on the floor, forgetting that the floor was soaking wet and therefore slippery. Jack immediately fell down. It was one of those bad times when he didnt start crying right away, but rather turned bright red and took a huge breath so he could really let out a serious holler. I wrapped him in a towel and took him to his room to calm down. Once he finally stopped crying, thank Yoda, it was nap time. Jack went to sleep, I cleaned the tub, then had lunch and made dinner for our guests that night. I am, obviously, an amazing Superwoman.

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K said...

At least if he's going to contaminate the waters, he has the good manners to say "uh oh" and admit his mistake.