Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boo Boo Report

It's becoming all too familiar- the sound of my cell phone ringing in the afternoon, and one of the directors at Jack's daycare leading with, "Hi, Mrs. Wasser. It's not an emergency..." Nope, not an emergency- just another boo boo report for Jack!

It honestly doesn't bother me that Jack gets the occasional scratch or scrape. He's a kid, and I want him to be able to play, explore, run, and I know that it's inevitable that he'll hurt himself every once in a while. One of the kids in Jack's class, Amy, lives in our neighborhood. She had a scratch on her face that she got at school, and her parents were totally freaked out about it. They told Steve all about how "they need to watch the children more carefully" and "what if it gets infected?" I can't imagine getting so upset over one scratch. Does Amy never fall down and hurt herself at their house? The whole place must be covered in bubble wrap and cotton batting.

Yesterday's boo boo report came at 4:30. Jack was playing outside, tripped (probably over his own feet) and fell down on the sidewalk. He is totally fine- in fact, Ms. Rashida reported that he hardly cried at all and was all smiles by the time he got inside to get cleaned up. He does, however, have a bunch of scrapes all over one side of his face. Poor Cub!

And guess what? Tomorrow is school picture day!

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