Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bock Bock!

Jack totally cracks me up sometimes. This morning, I took him to school. Ms. Esthella and Ms. Vicky were apparently running a bit behind, so there were no toys out yet. Ms. Vicky went into the Magical Toy Closet to get some stuff for the kids. Jack did his best to wedge his little body in there so he could check things out. She was, of course, quick enough to block his way in. She was not, however, able to keep him from spotting one of his favorite school toys: Chicken Dance Elmo.
Jack immediately began pointing at CDE and yelling, "Uh-oh! More!" Vicky brought him the toy, and Jack immediately pushed CDE's foot to make him dance. When I left him this morning, Jack was making Elmo dance, dancing with him, and laughing his wee baby head off. Good stuff.

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