Monday, April 03, 2006


Yesterday, we took Jack to Great Country Farm. It was so much fun for all three of us. There are all kinds of animals to see, mazes, rope swings, a giant slide, hay rides, a country store, and u-pick fruits and veggies (though nothing is in season to pick right now). All of this for the bargain price of $3 per adult! Jack was absolutely thrilled by the entire thing. He loved the animals. Every time we directed his stroller towards something new, he'd yell, bounce up and down in the seat, and point to it. The rope swing and giant slide were also a lot of fun. I hope that I never reach the point in which I don't realize how fun it is to swing on a rope swing or go screaming down a hill on a steep, fast slide. I was more than happy to make the climb to the top of the slide with Jack because it was just so fun. It was also great to just be able to get Jack out of the stroller and let him run around and explore. At the end of our time there, he was dirty, hungry, and happy. We'll definitely go back.


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K said...

What a cool thing. Where is this great country farm? We might just have to check it out.