Monday, October 09, 2006

Bad Words

Steve and I took Jack to Cox Farms yesterday for their Fall Festival. Yes, I'l post pictures later. One of the many fun things we did was going on a hayride. All through the hayride route, there were big wooden cutouts of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and also characters from movies and such, like Shrek.

All of a sudden, Jack got a huge smile on his face, leaned forward, pointed to one, and said loudly, "Barney!"

I don't know where the hell he learned that kind of language, but it sure as fuck wasn't in my house.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


First and most importantly, Jack had his pre-surgery CT scan yesterday. It went amazingly well. The radiologist said that they probably would not have to use a contrast dye, which meant no IV. If Jack could stay still for the scan, they wouldn't need to sedate him. The kid is not quite two years old and very energetic, so I really didn't that would be possible. But amazingly, he pulled it off, contentedly petting Roary while Steve and I sang to him. That meant the whole thing took a lot less time than we thought it would, so we celebrated with breakfast in the cafeteria, then took him to school so he could have some normalcy.

Second, Sesame Place was an absolute blast! The look on Jack's face when he leaned in to give Elmo a big hug was an incredibly happy moment for me. And, of course, I have pictures.

Getting ready for a ride

Watching the parade with Daddy

Elmo airplane!

Meeting Big Bird and Elmo




Cute and furry Grover!

And, in case Sesame Place was just not enough fun for him, we went to Boyd's Bear Country on the way home. Here Jack has surrounded himself (and Roary) with stuffed pigs.