Thursday, April 20, 2006


Yesterday, Jack really impressed me by how well he is learning to communicate. Sure, we're not at, "Mommy, those were some really good mashed sweet potatoes. Thank you so much for making them for me," but considering that not so long ago all he could do was cry, the little guy is making progress.

Last night, he and I got home from a run. He walked over to the stairs and yelled. I opened the gate, figuring he could use a drink. As I was getting him a sippy of milk, he walked over to his high chair and pointed at it frantically. "Do you want a snack, Jack?" I asked. I responded by running over to the pantry door and yelling at it. My smart boy was rewarded with a snack of milk, Teddy Grahams, and banana.

For the past two nights, Jack and I have experimented with no bedtime bottle. It is going great. I really think he was ready to give it up. Instead of having a bottle, we snuggle and read a bedtime story. I think I have a decent array of short books that are good for pre-sleepies, but I suppose time will tell.

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