Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How big is Jack?

Soooo big! So big, in fact, that he seems to have already outgrown his size 18 months clothing. That sure didn't last long, did it? As far as I'm concerned, though, this is good news. 18 months is really hard to find, and once you hit 2T, there seems to be a lot more clothing available. Jack seems to have had a mighty growth spurt, because he suddenly seems much taller. This would also explain why he was eating us out of house and home.

In other news, Jack has added some new dance moves. Not only does he bob up and down, but he also likes to spin and twirl! It is too funny. Steve and I kept trying to play music and sing last night so we could watch him dance more.

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K said...

Yay Jack on growing fast. What is with the conspiracy of 2T clothing anyway? I was at Target the other day and couldn't find any t-shirts for boys that didn't snap in the crotch unless I went up to 2T. Clearly dark forces are at work.