Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

Steve and I agreed that this Easter was probably our best yet (in my case, ranking right up there with the Easter I spent in Madrid at the opening day of bullfighting). Jack was a perfect wonderful Angel Cub and slept until 8:00! The Easter Bunny had come, and did a helpfully poor job of hiding Easter eggs, just scattering them around the study. Jack had a great time picking up the eggs and bringing them to me. Then he was really psyched about his Easter basket, full of little toys, Elmo sippy cups, and Sesame Beginnings DVDs.

The three of us had breakfast, then we went to Lowe's. Jack and I looked at flowers while Steve got the rest of the bricks for edging the front of the house. At home, Steve finished putting out the bricks while I chased Jack up and down the street. A trip to the park and a bath later, and the little guy was ready for a three-hour nap.

Dan, Liana, Bill, and Rebecca came over for dinner, and it was just like the kind of holiday dinner I like- laid back, everyone pitching in, and board games afterwards. It was really a great day.

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