Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Yesterday was a big day for Jack. He said both hi and bye for the first time! Not bad, busting out with two new words in one day. Sure, they sound a lot alike, but he still gets points since the context was correct and because both of them were accompanied by waves. He said bye to Steve on his way out of the house for school. Then we were watching a new kid show (Big, Big, World - eh), and he started saying hi to each new animal as it came on the screen. So cute.

Perhaps because he was so very sophisticated, I decided to try putting him to bed without a bottle for the first time. Jack has been mostly bottle-free for ages, but we were still giving him one before bed. His doctor is cool with that and said to just start phasing it out before he turns 18 months. Well, for a while now, he hasn't been that into the pre-bed bottle. He'd take a couple of drinks from it, then bat it away with his hand and ask for his binky. I gave him a cup of milk during our evening quiet time, which he downed. Then I took him up to bed, read him Goodnight Moon, and gave him a binky. He went right to sleep, as usual. I think this transition is going to be an easy one.

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