Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Broke Down

Jack is sporting one wicked black eye. We were at the play area at the mall and he conked heads with a little kid about half his age and a head shorter than he is. The other kid was unharmed; Jack now looks like the dog from The Little Rascals. I only wish the photo did justice to the completely badass shiner that the kid is now sporting. It is amazing. I think he realizes that it looks cool, because he is perfectly willing to laugh at the fact that he got beat up by a baby.

In other news...

- Jack voluntarily ate two green beans last night. We are in shock. I was pretty sure he would never eat anything green unless it had an M on it.

- It has been freakishly warm here. All of the pretty snow has melted, and I've gone running IN SHORTS for the past couple of days. Huzzah! But also weird. My man Al Gore is silently weeping over the whole thing, I'm sure.

- I broke down and went to the doctor about my lingering (since, oh, November) knee problem. Every time I go running, my right knee hurts for a day or so. The doctor spent about ten minutes looking at it and said, basically, "Got me. Go see a specialist," so that's what I'm doing tomorrow morning. Of course, after the knee got some attention, it didn't bother me nearly as much during last night's run. Wouldn't it be great if this problem just solved itself?

- We've had a good run together, but it looks like my Nike + is dying. The sensor battery is low, and my friend the Internet tells me that they can't be replaced - I'd have to buy a new kit. Um, is it bad that I am seeing this as an opportunity not to buy a new $30 sensor kit, but rather to spring for a Garmin? Yes, there's a teeny price difference between the two, but I am pretty sure the Garmin will even do my laundry for me. I can't wait to get it in the mail.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

A girl like you needs a Garmin. :D

Hell, if I have one, you should have one.

I love that he laughs that he got beat up by a baby. That is so funny.

newsjunkie said...

Not that you want to hear this, but you can buy just the Nike+ Sensor and save a few bucks. Of course now that your Garmin is on the way you don't need to do that!

I ran in shorts today too. Very bizarre!

Kent said...

You know you have doomed us to below -20 wind chills by not be thankful for whatever brief warmth we have. As long as there are dandelions growing in January like that one year, I am not worried. I hope everything is alright with the knee.

K said...

What up with the green beans? Andy did the same thing the other day. I usually offer the green bean, am told no, no no, no!, say okay and move on. But the other night, he said, "I like green beans," and proceeded to eat three or four of them without coaxing. Is there a magic button that turns off at age three?