Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Toughness Points

The battle to earn Toughness Points is becoming more difficult. Last weekend, the weather was repeatedly described as "dangerously cold." Or, to put it another way, "Your tauntaun will freeze to death before you reach the first marker." So, no running for me this weekend.

Toughness Points Accrued: 0

Instead, I spent a good portion of the day on Sunday watching Charlotte's Web, also known as Piggy-Spider on the couch with Jack. We snuggled up, and it was delightful. Not so delightful was that I fell asleep with my neck in a very awkward position. I woke up yesterday morning with my neck completely screwed up. It is to the point where instead of turning my head, which hurts so much I feel like throwing up, I pivot from the waist like Batman.

It is very frustrating to know that I can do strong and athletic things, like run a marathon, but that falling asleep on the couch can utterly destroy me.

Toughness Points Accured: -2

So yesterday, I got home from work in a foul mood. Every single thing I did all day long was accompanied by the discomfort of the neck. My head seemed like too weighty of a burden for my poor neck to hold up. It just sucked all around. And it was snowing.

But I went running anyway.

Shoveling the snow and making my neck and shoulder go through that effort was out of the question. But I figured if it would hurt for me to simply walk upright, I might as well be uncomfortable and be running. And I was glad I did. At least I was able to concentrate on something else. At least I was able to enjoy my iPod and the feeling of the snow on my face.

Toughness Points Accrued: 2

It all balances out.

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