Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hey, Hey, Paula

The Garmin has arrived, babies!

It has become increasingly obvious that it was silly for me to think I could live without it. There is just so much gadgety fun and number-based nerdiness to be had, you know? I have gone on two runs with the Garmin, and I feel fondly enough towards it that it seems silly to refer to it as The Garmin.

So, as of yesterday's run, it - nay, SHE - has been renamed Paula, after the kickass runner Ms. Paula Radcliffe.

Paula's got some bells and whistles I still need to figure out, but she's pretty easy to run with.

The thing that's not so easy with the running right now is that it is really catlicking cold outside right now. Yesterday it was 16 degrees out - without windchill - and my running outfit could best be described as Bank Robber. I wore:

Long sleeved tech-shirt
Sexy reflective vest
Long underwear in tech fabric
Fleece UnderArmour pants
Usual running socks, though I DESPERATELY wish I could get a pair of running socks that are knee-high, preferably striped.
Survivor buff, worn around my face, covering me from my eyes down, and pulled up in the back to connect with my hat.

The buff got a bit wet from my breathing through it, and towards the end of the run, I yanked it down. By the time I got home, it had frozen.

This, my friends, is the kind of run that Amy at Runner's Lounge says builds your Tough Guy points. I love the fact that my iPod played "Fighter" as I got started.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

OH. MY. GOD. I was SO on the treadmill. You totally ROCK. You be way tougher than me. :D

newsjunkie said...

I was wondering if you had gotten the Garmin yet. Glad you and Paula are off to such a wonderful start!

kate said...

There are so many awesome things about this post...

1) Yay for Garmin! I still haven't named mine yet but I think I slept with it on my wrist for a week after I got it.

2) "catlicking" almost made me pee my pats.

3) I often refer to my reflective vest as "sexy" as well. Nothing makes me feel more attractive.

4) my knit cap often freezes to my head after I've been out there for a few miles. This also makes me feel pretty sexy, but not as much as the reflective vest of course.

Way to be tough!

Nibbles said...


I love, love, love that name--Paula! You are lucky to live in a place where Garmins can actually capture signals. And you are brave indeed to venture out in this weather. Brava!

bill carter said...

I am so jealous... I've got to get the Garmin. I'll be darned if I don't have Garmin envy.

I was on the treadmill and definitely lose "tough" points for not braving the elements.