Saturday, January 12, 2008

Family Reunion

At Barnes & Noble today, we discovered two more Roaries in the children's section. Jack, of course, had Roary with him and immediately decided that they were Roary's MommyDaddy. Roary and his parents were delighted to see each other and spent a lot of time hugging, then crowding into my lap to hear stories. They had a lovely visit, then said goodbye so we could go home. Later, we had this conversation.

Roary (Jack speaking): I miss my MommyDaddy.
Me: I understand, Roary. But Jack needs you, and you are a very important part of this family.
Jack: Yeah, Roary. I need you.

As if Jack was not the one who brought up the subject of Roary missing his parents. Ah, the complicated emotional life of a boy and his stuffed tiger. Someone should write a comic strip about it.

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Non-Runner Nancy said...

Thanks for the nice comments just now! You are really sweet. I have a way to go but hopefully on the right foot.

BTW, how are the pop ups? I was wondering that the other day. Hopefully better. Jay now says, "Mom, I stayed in bed ALL night for you!" He is so proud. I am so loving it.

Take care :D