Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just a few short hours ago, I had the closing on Stately Wasser Manor. It's mine, baby! All mine! (And Steve's. And Jack's. But still!)

It was weirdly anticlimatic. I did this huge thing, and there was no one in the room but me and the attorney - Steve is at a writer's conference and gave me power of attorney. And the previous owners are staying in the house until Sunday afternoon, so I didn't even get a set of keys for my worries. So, I signed my name and "Stephen J. Wasser by Elizabeth A. Wasser, his attorney in fact" eighty gazillion times... and then that was that.

I didn't want to go right back to work, but what else was I going to do? Well, the only think I could think of was to buy us some really nice new sheets. And then go back to work!

After Sunday, though, things will really start rolling. The moving truck is going to get all of our stuff out of storage on Monday, and Steve and I are going to work on moving the things from Temporary Wasser Manor to Stately Wasser Manor.

The temptation is really great to just devote all of my non-work hours to getting SWM set up. One of my co-workers suggested I just take a whole lot of meth and just bang it all out. I don't see that happening, but I am tempted to just bag my morning runs, work at the house from 6:00 AM until 8:00 when I need to go wake up Jack, then stay up as late as I can stand unpacking. But I know that'd be a big mistake. Running is one of the things that's keeping me sane.


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Don't you have to say, "Mine. Betsy's?"