Monday, June 04, 2007

I Love You, Beth Cooper

In debate team nerd Denis Cooverman's valedictorian speech, he makes a bold declaration of love to head cheerleader Beth Cooper. As you might imagine, this does not result in the two of them riding off into the sunset together. For one thing, Beth has no idea who Denis is. For another, Beth's very big and very scary boyfriend Kevin is none too impressed by Denis's making a move on his girl.

The book, by Larry Doyle, begins each chapter with a quote from a teen movie. John Hughes movies are prominently featured, of course, as are Rushmore, Heathers, and American Pie. That's appropriate, because this book reads just like a really well done teen movie.

Yes, at times it's a little too cute and knowing for its own good (references to "diet Cherry Vanilla Lime-Kiwi Coke," for example), but it's a quick, fun, funny read.

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