Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When Jack Grows Up

I had a fascinating conversation with Jack last night. I asked him a bunch of questions on the subject of, "When You're a Grownup, Like Mommy." Here is Jack's vision of his life as a grown-up:

• He will live in a purple house.
• He won't drive a car because "that's Mommy's job." However, he will go bye-bye often, specifically to go shopping at Target and to see "Big Shrek movie."
• He will have a wife named Madison. She will be smart, pretty, and nice, and Steve and I will like her.
• He and Madison will make Shrek macaroni and cheese for dinner. He will make her pizza for breakfast every day.
• Roary will live with Jack and Madison and will sleep in their room with them.
• Sometimes, he will tell Madison that he is "a little upset" because he misses his MommyDaddy. I assured him that he and Madison can visit us whenever they want.


littlemonstercallum said...

Hello Betsy I saw a link to here on Tyler and Sarah's blog.

How adorable is Jack, I love his little grown up life and a purple house and little Madison sound wonderful.

Ovens2Betsy said...

I'll have to make one suggestion for Jack -- make the pizza the night BEFORE 'cuz everyone knows you're supposed to have COLD pizza for breakfast. :)