Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Yesterday, I suprised Jack with the Most Awesome T-Shirt Ever. I ordered it from Zazzle, which is a site that could be very financially dangerous for me. The shirt has a picture of the pivotal lightsaber battle (or, as Jack would put it, "Battle-Fight" from The Empire Strikes Back.

Side note: I totally should have ordered matching shirts for Steve and me so that we could have the world's geekiest Christmas card picture.

Jack was so thrilled with his new shirt that he was momentarily speechless. Then, he tugged at the shirt he was wearing and complained that it was "all dirty." He's a subtle one, that Jack. Naturally, he changed into his new Battle-Fight shirt and strutted around, all proud.

He has gotten really creative with his playing. First there were the drumsticks that have been transformed into lightsabers so that he (as Darth Vader) can battle-fight me (Princess Leia) or Steve (Luke).

Jack mixed things up the other day, though. Instead of using his lightsaber, he used a blaster -- that being a Baby Shrek toy from McDonald's, which looks nothing like a blaster and gives credence to the theory that boys will turn anything into a weapon. He decided he wasn't Vader, but instead was Luke. And that Darth Vader had gotten into his crib and needed to be blasted.

Hearing Jack say, "Oh, no! Vader in my crib again! Need blaster. Pew! Pew! Pew! Got him!" is just fabulous. He is such a mix right now between baby and kid.

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the weirdgirl said...

Ooh! Are you going to put up pictures?