Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Did It!

My mom has recently invented a new "chore" for Jack to do. There are eleventy zillion rocks in her garden area, and Jack's job is to wash them. We have stressed to him that it's very important to get them nice and clean, and it's a task that he takes very seriously.

Last night, I helped him fill his plastic wheelbarrow (an excellent score at a yard sale for a mere $1 on the part of Yard Sale Master Mom) with water and handed him a toothbrush so that he could really get the rocks nice and clean.

Jack was quickly engrossed in the job, so Mom and I were talking and only paying passing attention to him. Next thing you know, Jack gave a triumphant "I did it!"

What'd he do? He figured out how to operate the hose himself, a skill that he immediately demostrated by spraying his grandma, the side of the house, and Roary. We will definitely regret letting him get his little paws on the hose.

In other news, remember how Roary's Mommy-Daddy can be found at the zoo, in the pages of many books, and on TV? Well, Roary's mother also apparently lives in the soap dispenser on our bathroom sink. Every time Jack washes his hands, Roary has to spend some time talking to his mommy. Steve is about ready to kill me for buying that soap.

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newsjunkie said...

Jack is seriously awesome! I'm SO coming out there so I can borrow him for a day or two. =D