Friday, May 25, 2007


Jack is losing manliness points left and right these days, and it's cracking me up. The other day, we were driving, and from the backseat, I heard this.

Jack: Mommy, you Shrek. Hi, Shrek!
Me: Hi! Who are you. Are you Donkey?
Jack: No. Roary Donkey.
Roary: (in lower voice than usual) Hi, Shrek!
Me: Hi, Donkey! Donkey, who is Jack?
Jack: (in incredibly high voice) I'm Princess Fiona! Hi, Shrek!
Me: Hi, Princess Fiona!
Jack: Hi, Shrek!
(and repeat)

Jack absolutely loves being Princess Fiona, and has since assigned Steve to be Princess Fiona's Daddy, the king. My mom is Dragon (who Jack calls Dragonfly, since she can fly), and Doug is Puss In Boots. Why he opted to be the princess and let me be Shrek is a mystery to me, but whatever; it's funny.

The manliness continues, though. Yesterday, Steve took Jack to get a haircut. We take him to a place called Cookie Cutters because you can sit in a toy car, fire truck, or whatever and watch cartoons while they cut your hair. And then you get a balloon, so Jack loves the place. The stylist asked Jack if he wanted to watch Cars or Dora. She guessed he'd pick Cars, since you not only get to watch the movie, but also sit in McQueen himself. But nope, Jack headed right over to the Dora station, complete with baby blue Barbie car. All Steve could do was laugh.

In other news, the boys and I are going on a road trip this weekend to visit my stepmom, Vickie. It's a six hour drive, so we stocked up on car activities for Jack (including Dora stickers), and I made a completely awesome playlist for Jack on my iPod. It consists of songs that he will like but that don't make me want to stab my ears with a fork. There's a lot of Laurie Berkner and Justin Roberts, some relatively non-offensive Wiggles, and lots of stuff from movie soundtracks. Lion King. Little Mermaid. Toy Story.

The amusing side effect of that is that this morning, when I was on my SEVEN MILE RUN, the song that came on as I was heading down the home stretch was none other than "We Did It!" as sung by Ms. Dora The Explorer and Boots. I actually found myself picking up the pace as Dora and Boots sang about their triumph in helping some puppies.

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