Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Never Mind

Remember not so long ago when Jack initiated potty training and was doing an awesome job of it?

Well, for no apparent reason, he decided that he didn't like it any more after all. He quit asking to go, and if we suggested it? Well, there's something exceptionally pathetic about a kid crying, "Noo! No pee-pee potty!"

Steve got the brunt of it, since he's home with Jack all day. There is absolutely nothing pleasant about having Jack scream and cry every time you suggest he relieve himself in an appropriate way. No offers of stickers, special books, or even the knowledge that Buzz Lightyear underwear exists could sway him.

So you know what? We quit. Jack and I talked it over, and I told him that if he preferred to use diapers, that was okay. When he's ready to use the big boy potty, he should let us know. Until then, we'll just go with the diapers.

I have no idea what triggered this change, and frankly I don't think it matters much. Other than this, he's doing just fine. No new behavior problems or anything like that. And he's still really little. It's not like he won't figure out what to do eventually. I think he just wasn't quite ready to make the leap. But when he does, that Buzz Lightyear underwear is all his.


Anonymous said...

I think that's the perfect tack to take. If they're not ready, no amount of cajoling or rewarding will make them ready, and, from what I hear, backsliding is just part of the process. So, you know, two steps forward and one back and all that. Okay, maybe it was three back this time... ;) But he'll get there - I mean, Steve's almost there, right?

K said...

I think that behavior is fairly typical and it sounds like you guys have the right approach. Andy did something similar about six months ago. He was never as far along as Jack, but he went from liking to us it to screaming at the very mention.

And men think we're fickle.