Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Steve and Jack were extremely good to me on Mother's Day. Jack made me a butterfly and a tissue paper flower at the Family Museum, which thrilled me. The boys also gave me a Pooh mug, some candles (all selected by Jack), and a really pretty outfit (selected by Steve, luckily, or it would have just been an Elmo t-shirt). I got to spend a lot of time just hanging out with my little guy, reading books and playing, then we went out for dinner, where Jack was a semi-good boy.

It is wonderful to be pampered and doted on for Mother's Day, but it also made me think about how really lucky I am to be Jack's mom. I love the way he reaches his little hand up to hold mine, squeezing my fingers. His saying, "BIG HUG!" The way he absentmindely strokes my arms when he's sitting on my lap. His bringing me chubby fistfuls of flowers. And that occasionally, out of nowhere, he says, "Mommy pretty," and makes me feel like I really, really am.

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heidi said...


What a sweet entry. I love those things our babies do that make us realize what wonderful mamas we are! Molly's slowly starting to learn how to hug and having those skinny little soft arms around my neck is a huge chunka heaven:)

Happy Belated MamaDay!