Thursday, May 10, 2007

Super Grover, Ready for Action

The boys and I enjoy the theater, as demonstrated last night by our trip to the Adler Theater to see the latest rendition of Sesame Street Live -- Super Grover, Ready for Action.

Jack, is, of course, a SSL veteran, having already attended "Everyone Makes Music" at the Patriot Center in Fairfax. We told him that we were going to go see Elmo sing and dance on the stage, and he was totally psyched. He patiently waited for us to dress him in an Elmo-Cookie Monster shirt, grabbed Roary, said goodbye to Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and was, like Super Grover, ready for action.

The whole way there, Jack talked to Roary and to the plastic snakes in the car about how he was going to go see Elmo. And Big Bird! And Cookie Monster! And Zoe!

He was not at all impatient waiting for the show to start, happily dancing to the background music, looking at the other kids, and playing with Roary.

When the show started, Jack happily clapped and yelled, "Yay!" as all of his favorite characters took the stage. They sang several classic Sesame Street songs (including "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon," which is one of my favorites), and Jack bopped along.

Also, this might sound nuts, but I thought that this show was superior to "Everyone Makes Music." Better story, better characterization, better use of Muppets.

All the way home, Jack talked excitedly about his favorite parts of the show. He liked it when Cookie Monster ate all of the colors (ie fruit and vegetables) and thought he was funny. He loved it when Oscar took over Elmo's World and Elmo had to save it (so did I). But for whatever reason, the scene when Grover threw his cape in the trash and Oscar threw it back out at him really stuck with Jack. I know this because Jack mentioned it about 47,000 times on the drive home.

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the weirdgirl said...

Oh, the SSL show! I know that we will soon be making trips to see it too. But not quite yet. I've just introduced my son the full hour-long show (as opposed to the 20 minute Play With Me Sesame show on Noggin). I'm thinking about 6 months from now he'll be addicted to the point of watching human size versions of the characters.