Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'll Never Join You!

Last night, I was giving Jack a bath, and he apparently decided it was time to ramp up the cuteness. Jack has a set of drums that he can play in the bathtub, and he grabbed one of the sticks.

Jack: That ite-sader. Ho, hee, ho, hee!
Me: Are you saying lightsaber?
Jack: Yes!
Me: Are you Darth Vader?
Jack: Yes, Luke. Here. Here Mommy’s ite-sader.
Me: I get to be Luke?
Jack: Yes, Luke. Ho, hee, ho hee!

Is that not the most awesome thing ever? I was psyched that I got to be Luke. Usually when we do pretend stuff like that, it’s to play Dora the Explorer, and I always get stuck being lame-ass Dora. Jack is Boots, Daddy is Swiper, and Mommy is stuck being Dora and saying "Vamanos!" all the time. But Luke Skywalker, that's genuinely cool.

Also funny, Jack would drop his lightsaber (which made me think, “Ooh, just like Return of the Jedi”), and I’d hand it to him. Jack would say, “Thanks, Luke!” and I’d say, “You’re welcome, Darth Vader.” Those are not words I ever thought I’d say.

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Anonymous said...

That is *fabulous.* I think I need to start writing down all the things I say now that I never in a million years thought I'd say.