Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Raising Cane

Last night, the boys and I decorated our Christmas tree. Steve and I were actually planning on doing it after Jack went to bed, but we decided to go for it and involve the wee maniac for the first time. I'm so glad we did.

For weeks, Jack has been fascinated by candy canes. He looks for them in decorations and keeps mentioning that he'd like Santa to bring him one in his stocking. So as you can imagine, he was psyched that his job was to put them on the tree.

He took his job very seriously. While Steve and I put up the rest of the ornaments, Jack concentrated on the canes.

The result was that our tree was covered in candy canes, but only as high as Jack can reach. In fact, he caned the utter hell out of a few patches, leaving the rest a bit more sparse.

When we were finally all done, I turned off the lights and moved Jack's table in front of the tree so we could all have a bedtime snack together. It looked beautiful.

I told several of my friends about this, and they all asked the same question: are we going to leave the tree as Jack decorated it, or wait until he's asleep and fix it? To me, there's no doubt - I'm leaving the candy canes where they are. If I spread them out around the tree, it would look more picture perfect. But it wouldn't make me smile the way it does now.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh, I think the first or second could easily be your Christmas card. Precious!

newsjunkie said...

That's absolutely adorable!

And your house looks gorgeous!!

bill carter said...

I think that tree look absolutely perfect. That is the beauty of your Christmas tree.. however you do it is just great. Cool pictures.

Marcy said...

How adorable!!! You guys have a killer tree!

kate said...

Those picutres are adorable!

K said...

SWM II is really looking great. And that Jack is no slouch either.

Lotta said...

You are a sainted mom. My OCD would not allow me to leave clumped candy canes. No doubt my kids will be in therapy over it.

My favorite part of Christmas is staring at the tree with the lights out. It psyches me up for the season!