Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dear Santa...

Jack wrote his very first letter to Santa Claus (I took dictation). Here it is:

Dear Santa,
I have a table. I have some Star Wars guys. I want Ackbar. I don't have Grand Moff Tarkin. I want to get another Rancor. A green one. I want a pen. A necklace - black. I want Mommy in a castle. I want a castle with Mommy. Daddy will get all of the house. I want a bat. Now I want a wall. I have been a good boy. I want a reindeer and an elf and Mrs. Claus and some elves.


I am happy to report that Jack later decided that Daddy can live in the castle with us. And Roary. This is good, as I suspect we'd miss Daddy and Roary before too long, castle or no.


Kent said...

Yes, you need him to care of the elves and reindeer too. Castles and Rancors (especially the green ones) don't keep themselves.

bill carter said...

That letter is priceless. Some day when he is much older he will really get a kick out of reading that. I'm hoping to get something out of my 5 year old this year.

Studiostein said...

Adorable. I'm wondering though...what does Jack want with Mrs. Clause? I'm sure his intentions are innocent.