Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gender Politics at Stately Wasser Manor

I find it fascinating to see how Jack, now that he's approaching the ripe old age of three, is starting to understand gender differences. Steve and I are both pretty liberal in how we approach things - there is no such thing as a girl toy or a boy toy in our house. Steve cooks and cleans sometimes, and I am more interested in athletics. Jack got a kitchen for his second birthday. Steve wears pink, and Jack does not own a single item of clothing with a football on it.

He definitely understands the physical differences between men and women. After we watched Shrek The Halls for the first time, he reprised his pretend role of Princess Fiona, and we had this conversation.

Jack: I'm Princess Fiona. You Shrek.
Me: Hi, Princess.
Jack: I have a 'gina.
Me: Did you just say you had a --
Jack: You have a pipper.
Me: Yep. You did.

Our attempts to keep things gender neutral have been mostly successful, it seems. Sometimes Jack pretends that Roary is a baby and that he, as Roary's daddy, has to take care of him. But then we were talking about Christmas presents, and Jack suggested that Santa bring me "a girl toy, like maybe Barbie."


Especially given that Jack had just spent the entire morning pretending to be a princess on her way to the ball, complete with girly dress-up clothes. You would think that a man in a necklace, velvet scarf, and fringed wrap would be a bit more open-minded.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh wow, 'gina? That's where I call in the hubby to take over.

I never wanted or understood why anyone would want a Barbie! :D

bill carter said...

Donna and I went through this with Aidan not all that long ago ourselves.. kind of make makes me chuckle thining about it. He was very amused that both dad and Aidan have peenies, but mom and all the other girls don't. Interestingly, he didn't seem interested to know about what girls do have. I think that is good... for now and quite some time after.

the weirdgirl said...

Maybe he meant he wanted a doll/toy that was a girl? I.e. he needed some female representation in his toybox. So ahead of his time!

"I have a 'gina." Snort! Guffaw!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Stop by and pick out a cute pacer, um, er, I mean a race tshirt for 8 on the 8th. :D

Marcy said...


daisybones said...

I love this post:)

I am constantly annoyed at the seemingly inherent prissiness of my babygirl! Then I think, ya know, I bet I'm just seeing it as "prissy" because she's a girl. ALL babies love shiny things- i.e. jewelry;)

I'd certainly be more hard nosed about gender neutrality in a different environment but with my dear ol' Appalachian family I'm picking my battles. Bu asks me when she'll be allowed to wear make-up- "When I'm cold and dead" is usually my deadpan reply;)

Pipper is the cutest genitalia nickname EVER. I love it:)

K said...

Hey, at least no one can say he's lacking in imagination. His fantasty skills seem perfectly intact.