Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Laugh In the Face of Pain

For a long time, thanks to a bad experience, I was really afraid of needles. Just the idea of getting a shot or an IV or something had me feeling faint. Although I've watched the movie Pulp Fiction a billion times, I have never actually watched the scene where they give Uma Thurman the shot in her chest, because I was too busy cowering with my hands over my eyes.

But things change, and the idea of pain is really not something that scares me. Steve suggested that I get a flu shot this year, to help protect Jack. I didn't give it a second thought - called the doctor's office and had them book one for me. It did kind of hurt, and my arm is a bit sore. But so what?

I ran 26.2 miles. You think some little needle is going to scare me? It'll be over in a lot less time and will hurt a lot less when it's over.

And, before that, I found myself thinking, "A marathon? Eh, I could do that." After all, it'd be over a lot faster than the three days I spent with labor contractions. Recovery seems like it'd be easier than having my body cut in half to remove a giant kid. And after it was over, I was able to sleep like a rock right away, not after 13 months of interrupted sleep.


Marcy said...

I have not run a marathon yet but some of the ladies tell me the pain is similar to childbirth. We shall see . . . . LOL

Amy said...

Good for you for getting the shot - I have avoided them for years. I hear they hurt. Yep, I would do a marathon again over the shot. And my marathon really hurt - I did everything wrong. But you are a much stronger person and such a good role model for little Cub.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

3 days of labor? Good lord, that got my attention. I thought I was tough. Ha ha.

Glad you got the flu shot.