Monday, November 12, 2007

Race Report- Hawk Hustle

I think that, no matter how many road races I run, and no matter how much time I've spent on the track, my heart will always belong to cross country. So I was totally psyched to see that on a free Saturday morning I could run the Hawk Hustle, a 4 mile cross country race.

With just 123 runners, this was the smallest race I've been in (high school meets aside), and the atmosphere was really laid back. People milled around before the race started, and we all kind of made our way to the start in time. And rather than having a gun go off, one of the organizers just yelled, "Go!"

Before the race started, I'd thought about my goals. I like the way that Kent gives himself gold, silver, and bronze goals. So, I was thinking this:

Gold - 36:00
Bronze - 40:00
Silver - Anywhere in between!

But as soon as the race started, I ammended those goals. The course? Really freaking tough, people. Up hills, down hills, small ones, big ones. Tree branches to dodge. I was working my ass off. And I didn't get any splits, so I really had no idea how I was doing. I just decided to go as hard as I could and enjoy the effort.

Imagine my surprise when I crossed the finish line in 36:57! I'm going to call that a Gold finish, especially given that the course was a lot more difficult than I anticipated.

Oh, and the after-party featured free cookies and sandwiches. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday. I'll definitely add this race into my annual calendar.


newsjunkie said...

Awesome!! I'm getting really excited for my 10K.

Oh and I signed up with Team in Training for the National Marathon today. I have some worries about my ability to raise the $1500 but I'm gonna give it a shot.

P.O.M. said...

Great Job! Especially with Hills - holy moly.

bill carter said...

I would say that on a tough cross country course that has got to be a platinum! Those kind of courses beat up your legs and lungs... not to mention the fact that you are always on the lookout for that next ankle sprainer/knee twisting rut. I hope you really rewarded yourself after this race because you deserve it.

Jess said...

I like the idea of gold, silver and broze goals as well -- hmmm. maybe i'll steal that!

Good job on your gold! That's an awesome time!

Kent said...

How great was that race! It sounds like a blast and like a great prep race for this Saturday. The really freaking tough course has nothing on you. Mega-congrats on the gold!

Topher said...

Funny how "rolling hills" can mean just about anything. And yes, that's an awesome idea to award yourself gold/silver/bronze based on your finish times.

By the way, just read your marathon post..great recap. There was a group of people behind me in the KC Half talking around mile 3. One lady said her husband was up a ways and that he was running the KC Marathon (Saturday) as a "warm up" to the Des Moines Marathon the next day. What a lunatic!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

It starts with 36, that is definitely a gold. HOORAY!!