Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

One of my big toes has spontaneously decided to start shedding its nail. What the hell, people? It's not like I've been running that much. It's really annoying.

Also, I hate to even talk about it, but my right knee is giving me a hard time. It's nothing I can't live with, but I'd hate for it to get worse.

My allergies are causing me to have ridiculous sneezing fits every single morning. Usually while I'm driving. It is totally hot.

Jack can be completely exasperating sometimes. Dude, I do not want to have ANOTHER lightsaber battle-fight. And can I please have my spatulas back? And on Saturday, he illustrated the fact that he was not hungry by throwing his exotic lunch of chicken nuggets and tater tots on the floor. Total dick move.

All of these running maladies are definitely not going to keep me from running the Living History Farms run, especially after Amy's post about it. Seriously, how awesome does that sound? I canont wait.

Steve and I are going out tomorrow night. Yes, on a Wednesday! Yes, without Jack! To an event that promises to be so much fun that I am willing to overlook the fact that it conflicts with the premiere of Project Runway.

This morning, I told Jack that I needed to go upstairs to get dressed. He said, "Okay, but first, I need to whisper something in your ear. Just one second." He then clambered up onto the couch, pulled my head down to his, and whispered, "I love you."

Seriously, you can keep my toenail if this is the kind of thing I can get in return.


newsjunkie said...

HA! Since I started running I've lost one toenail on my right foot twice and one on my left foot once. It makes pedicures interesting, that's for sure!

I hear ya on the allergies thing. Fortunately my allergist FINALLY got my various meds figured out so unless they're mowing the lawn I generally do pretty well with my runs.

Hope your knee doesn't give you too much more trouble. I had a foot cramp during my run today but it went away so I was glad about that.

Ovens2Betsy said...

Get thee to a physical therapist Betsy! I'm a total convert to PT exercises since my knee and hip pain have pretty much been alleviated (of course, you have to keep doing them -- something I had trouble with after the first bout of pain!)

Amy said...

Little boy kisses and I love you's sure back everything seem right in the world.

Ditto to betsy - PT girl. Or, come run on rough terrain and drink some beer - I think either would work.

Shall we say about 8:15 by the big posts in front of the visitor center?

Is Jack and Steve coming too?

bill carter said...

Ha! I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who is sacrificing toenails to the running Gods. Right now I am in the process of losing 3.
My son can do about 15 things in a row that seem at the time to be pure evil. All he has to do is sneak up, give me a kiss on the cheek, and say "Daddy I love you." and everything is right with the world.

the weirdgirl said...

That is very cute. My son is completely exasperating too at times, but instead of cute whispered endearments he tends toward flying tackle hugs... which also can be completely exasperating. :)

I'm also a fan of physical therapy or occupational masseurs. Both well worth it in my book!

Kent said...

Good luck tomorrow, and I hope the race lives up to the expectations.