Thursday, April 19, 2007


Now that I've finally gotten around to learning how to get pictures off of my new digital camera, here's a photo essay of what's been going on.

Look at how empty Stately Wasser Manor was when we were ready to leave! Here is Jack, pretending to be a "bad guy," and chasing his daddy all around the empty house.

Behold, more empty space. Just wild.

Here's Jack hunting for Easter eggs. Actually being able to walk and pick up eggs, unlike his previous two attempts.

Easter morning, Jack scored eggs with stickers in them, a Dora DVD, Play-Doh eggs, and some matchbox cars. At the end of the day, he told me, "Jack like it Easter Bunny."

This is when Jack was pretending Roary was a baby. If you look closely, you can probably see a bit of orange fur under those tissues.

Jack proves once again that he's my son by immediately falling in love with Whitey's Ice Cream.

This picture I thought was supercool. Jack is sitting in the wheel well of a gigantic combine at John Deere Commons. The tires on the thing were taller than I am.


Domestic Chicky said...

Adorable are you enjoying the wild & wooly west? Now you are closer to me!!!

Domestic Chicky said...

OK, I guess it's not "technally" the west, but west of where you were...

Domestic Chicky said...


I think I need coffee, Betsy!

newsjunkie said...

Love the pics!