Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ro Baby

Jack is really ramping up his efforts to be the Cutest Thing Ever. He has started a new thing in which he pretends that Roary -- usually a tiger and his BFF -- is a baby.

He will cradle Roary in his arms very tenderly. You'll hear a quiet, high pitched little, "Wah, wah," because Roary is crying. And Jack will tell you very solemnly, "Roary baby."

Last night, Jack took Baby Roary and very gently put him in a little blue bin, just the right size for a baby tiger bassinet. He then covered Baby Roary with enough Kleenex to make a blanket, gave him a tiny kiss, and told him good night. Jack whispered to me, "Shh! Roary sleeping."

I just about died from the cuteness. But then, Baby Roary woke up and started crying. Jack had me hold him for a minute, making sure I cradled him the same way he does. Then, Jack carefully took Baby Roary in his arms and started singing "Rock A Bye Baby" to him.

Jack is a good little guy.

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