Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big Boy

Jack continues to amaze me. Thanks to his sudden and passionate interest in using the potty, I bought him one over the weekend. He has totally taken to it. Yesterday, as a matter of fact, he stayed clean and dry all day long. This morning, there was a minor incident (due to the fact, I think, that I couldn't get him to the bathroom soon enough because someone was in there with the door locked), and he's otherwise stayed clean.

So far, this has taken almost no effort on our part. Sure, it's not over, and I'm not ready to buy him the big boy underpants yet (he has requested Elmo), but considering how little time he's been at it, Jack is doing a truly remarkable job. I am really proud of him.

At the rate he's going, in the next few days I expect him to announce that he's taught himself to read and to ask if he can use my credit card to pre-order the new Harry Potter.

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