Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Look what I found at the grocery store!


Yoda bless Swiss Valley Farms and the team of geniuses working there who came up with the idea of adding coffee flavoring to milk, because that is pretty much the only way you can get Betsy to drink milk. You have saved me from becoming a hunchbacked old lady. My only regret is that this wonderful product was not available when I was pregnant.


K said...

That is genius. I keep these calcium gummy bears in my car - I have to restrain myself from eating them all.

Lotta said...

I think that is kind of odd. But then again, I don't drink coffee. Is it so that when you put milk in your coffee it doesn't water it down?

newsjunkie said...

Ok I love milk and the idea of coffee flavoring in it totally grosses me out. That could be because the smell and/or taste of coffee makes me instantly nauseous though.

But hey, I'm glad you're excited about it! :)