Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sanity Watch, Days 1-2

Steve is on vacation in Canada this week, fishing with my dad ("Dear Ennis, please bring home some fish. Love, Alma"), so Jack and I are flying solo. Can Betsy take care of the Wondercub without completely falling apart? Or will I degenerate into not washing my hair and eating nothing but Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?

So far, so good.

Last night, I picked Jack up at school, then we went to the park. He had a good time watching the big kids poke at a dead bumblebee they'd found. Then he decided he'd had enough, so he walked home, with me trailing behind (except for when he held my hand to cross the street). After a quick bath, it was bedtime. I even used his post sleepy time to make myself a casserole and run the dishwasher.

Today was a great day. Jack slept until 8:00, then we went to Caribou for breakfast. There was a family there with three kids that Jack decided were his new BFF's. Then we hit a consignment sale in Centreville. Spider-Man outfit and Elmo t-shirt? Score!

After that, we went to Eleanor C. Lawrence park. Jack absolutely loved it there. He wandered around, tried to climb into the pond, knocked the fluff off of dandelions, and petted both a caterpillar and a dog. At first, he fussed about having banana on his hands, but then decided the most fun thing to do would be to get as dirty as possible. Excellent plan. Naturally, this meant bathtime when we got home, followed by lunch, followed by him passing out for three and a half hours.

After his nap, we picked up dinner and went to Amanda's house so we could hang with her and Ethan and meet new baby Marley. Jack and Ethan showed only passing interest in the baby, preferring to pull out as many toys as possible and play together. We gave the kids dinner. Jack started doing his vehement head shaking, and Ethan thought it was hilarious. The two boys would shake their heads no together and laugh uproariously. Too funny. Amanda was awesome to hang out with, as always. It's funny how we now have conversations together in which we have to spell things out, like, "Maybe we could take the C-H-A-L-K out onto the D-E-C-K" and "Do you think we should put on the E-L-M-O video?" Ah, how things have changed.

Jack is now sleeping, so I think I'm going to pack up the car for tomorrow morning's adventure, then watch a movie.

So far, so sane.

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