Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Wow, my second Mother's Day was incredible!

Okay, granted, it was really not hard to top my first Mother's Day. The Cub was just four months old, and that weekend, he got sick with the dreaded rotavirus. He spent the entire weekend crying and refusing to eat, basically scaring the hell out of me. We had to take him to the Gross 24 Hour Kaiser in Falls Church twice. And to make matters worse, my in-laws were visiting. Not only were they absolutely no help at all, but they had no problem with having the new mom who was worried about her sick baby make them dinner. No, I am still not over it. So, the highlight of my first Mother's Day came when we actually got Jack to eat something- a bottle of Windex-blue Pedialyte- and then watching him crap emerald green diahrrea.

But even without comparison, this year was great. Jack slept until 7:00, then joined us in bed for a snuggle. Then the boys took me to Starbucks for breakfast, confirming my theory that since Jack had a hand in choosing my present, at least part of it would be lemon pound cake. After that, we took Jack to the park, taking advantage of the last few hours of sun. During his nap, I did some cooking, updated my obsessively nerdy Survivor jury article, and just relaxed. When Jack woke up, it was still raining, so Steve suggested that I take my book and go get a cup of coffee. A few hours to myself and a new Marian Keyes book? Bliss!

Plus, in addition to two really sweet cards, the boys gave me a gift certificate for a deluxe manicure and pedicure at the Elizabeth Arden spa. Nice! Jack really, really enjoyed taking the box with the gift certificate in and out of the bag, but probably not as much as I'll enjoy some serious pampering.

Oh! And Steve made me his famous chicken parmesan for dinner and did all of the cleanup. Thanks, boys!

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K said...

After twice visits to the doctor and a new baby, they STILL let you make dinner? Lovely. I was thinking yesterday as I helped get ready for my mother-in-law that it would be nice to get to be the queen bee on mother's day and not have to share with others.