Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Got home last night to find a state of semi-chaos at Stately Wasser Manor. I heard the water running, Jack doing medium-grade whining, and then Steve saying, "Betsy, is that you? I need you." I hurried upstairs and found that Steve was freaking out. Jack had a dirty diaper, and his diaper rash is really hurting him. Thanks, antibiotics! He needed a bath, and Steve said, "He needs to see the doctor, because that rash is really bad and really painful and I can't take off any more work and I don't know what to do."

This sounds like a job for Supermom!

I sent Steve downstairs to make an appointment for Jack to see Dr. Kelly- I could take him any time, any day but Friday. I'd get the Cub in the tub, and that Steve should take a minute to get it together.

He returned upstairs, much calmer and apologized for throwing all of that at me the second I walked in the door. No problem, I said. Jack was happily splashing in the tub and enjoying some decadent bathtime yogurt.

Me: And please, go ahead and go to the block captain mixer. I've got things under control.
Steve: Are you sure? I don't mind.
Me: We're cool. Jack, can you and Mommy handle things alone tonight?
Jack: No.

Way to have my back, there, kid. The best part is that when Jack says no, he sounds so very earnest and sincere.

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