Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday Sanity Challenge

Jack decided to challenge me yesterday. He kicked things off by waking up at 6:00, and decided that "Shh! Mommy's Sleeping" was not a fun game to play. But he gave me a little time to wake up, so I took him to Starbucks for breakfast. Then, we headed to Delaplane for the Strawberry Festival and our 5K walk/run.

Wow. I was not prepared for that race. I mean, physically, I can do a 5K, no problem. But the course was completely wooded, actually on the trails of the state park. It was all dirt, with huge tree roots, rocks, and impressive inclines. It was really cool to be able to run in a place like that, and not on a road. I think I'm really a cross country runner at heart still. Of course, when I was in high school, not only was I a lot younger, but I also wasn't pushing 40 or so pounds of kid and stroller up those hills and over those branches! Still, it was an absolutely gorgeous setting, and I'm glad I did it. Jack was a bit cranky afterwards, probably because it was so hot. But sitting in the shade and splitting a strawberry sundae with him prompted a miraculous recovery. Kid went from low-level whining and figeting to laughing and kicking up his heels.

We headed home and Jack decided that there was absolutely no need to take a nap. Oh, Jackson. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing, with a quick break to go to the grocery store. There, I bought myself an absolutely beautiful steak, which I made myself for dinner, along with a baked potato, sweet corn, and a big fat glass of wine. Ahh, much better!

Today, I totally cheated and instead of attempting a game of "Shh! Mommy's Sleeping!" I put on a Muppet video and semi-snoozed until I felt human again. After breakfast, I began Operation Cub Exhaust. I took the little man to Frying Pan Park, where he absolutely loved running around and looking at animals. He seemed to especially like the chickens, as he spent a lot of time looking at them and saying, "Wow!" At one point, he did attempt to free them, but luckily lacks the dexterity to do so. Then we went home, played in the Elmo sprinkler, then went to the park. He has now been asleep for two and a half hours. Score!

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K said...

A 5k with a stroller? I'm impressed. I'm painfully out of shape. We went to the pool yesterday and I swam two laps. It was so painful and ulgy that I'm surprised the lifeguards didn't come get me because they presumed I was drowning.