Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rolling the dice

Last weekend, Steve and I made a bold move: We sold much of Jack's baby gear. The fish television bouncy seat. The play pen (oops, I mean Pack & Play), the Jacksack, the Jumping Jack, Chupacabre, the swing he never liked, and a ton of baby clothes.

We agreed on two things:
• That it felt right.
• That we would not let the fact that we'd have to buy a new exersaucer dissuade us if we change our minds and decide to have another baby.

It really did feel okay. We kept the things that we felt most sentimental about (such as Jack's MVP Cub jacket and the jammies he wore on Christmas morning this year), and we have tons of pictures of other things. So I think I'd already really been able to let go. And hot chocolate, did it free up a lot of space in the basement! Plus, we made over $400!

I feel really happy and content with the rhythm that the guys and I have. The three of us work so well together. I don't feel the need for any kind of change right now.


K said...

Good for you. I have shoved all my gear out of the house to various friends so at least I don't have to look at it. Fortunately, several pregnancies in a row from my soccer team friends have kept the gear in good rotation. I even have boxed off a lot of his clothes for a friend whose son is exactly one year younger than Andy. Of course, I pulled out a few sentimental outfits I just couldn't part with - not because I'd need them again, but because I wasn't ready to quite let go. Sometimes tells me I'm going to feel that a lot as he gets older.

Domestic Chicky said...

Ugh...I'm getting ready to do this on Saturday- bassinet, stroller w/ carseat, clothes...I won't be having any more, so I'm not anxious(yet), just heartsick. (Sigh)

Btw- I LOVE Jennifer Weiner(hehe). I haven't read this one yet, but now I can't wait to! Love Marian Keyes too...have you read Sophie Kinsella?

Thanks for the linky-doo!