Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vader's Faulty Memory

The last time we went to the library, Jack checked out a ton of coffee table style books about Star Wars. We were looking at one that is a "visual dictionary," with detailed information about all kinds of stuff related to the movies. The picture of R2-D2, for example, has a breakdown of every single gadget on the little droid.

On Saturday, Jack brought his Darth Vader action figure and the book over to me and "Vader" demanded that I read it to him. As we went through the book, it became clear that Vader has a rather selective memory about his life.

Me: Okay, Vader, that picture is of the droid that you used to torture your daughter, Princess Leia, for the location of the rebel base. Remember that?
Vader: Uh, no.


Vader: Oh, lookit! There's my friend Boba Fett.
Me: That's right, Vader. Remember how you had him freeze Han Solo in carbonite and give him to Jabba so that you could lure Luke to Bespin? And turn him over to the dark side?
Vader: Uh, no.

Vader: Hey, a lightsaber.
Me: Vader, that is Luke's first lightsaber. It used to be yours, but Obi-Wan took it away from you when you guys had a huge battle-fight. Remember that?
Vader: Uh, no.
Me: And then Obi-Wan gave it to your son Luke so he could learn the force. And then Luke lost it when you cut off his hand. Remember that?
Vader: Uh, no.


bill carter said...

Hi Betsy

You so rule. Your posts always have such a positive side to them and always make me smile. I really enjoyed your Saturday 20 miler and I agree you really don't need 4 of them. That being said, I do think you need to do a couple 20s just to get the feel of running that long.

I'm going to do Quad Cities some day as it is on my list... can't wait to read your post race in about 4 weeks.

Best of luck.

Nat said...

Too funny!

Sounds like conversation with The Boy.

tfh said...

Very strange. Those are the kind of things you'd think he'd never forget. ;)

Joe said...

Hmmm. the force is strong in that one, but the memory...not so much.

suzee said...

Classic denial of responsibility.

He's so lucky to have you to remember all these details!