Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Best Running Blog You're Not Reading

Running blogs have become yet another way for me to feed my obsession with running. I love seeing what other runners - of different ability levels, of different distances, of different ambitions, in different parts of the world - are thinking about. Learning about what my BRF's are up to makes me laugh, pings at my heart, and makes me want to lace up my shoes and hit the road.

Some running bloggers have developed quite the following. I'll see an article in my feeds and discover that there have been 20 comments before I've even had my coffee. That's super cool, and I love those blogs as much as the next runner. But today, for Take It and Run Thursday, I want to send some love to a blogger who writes great stuff, but that maybe you haven't found yet.

The blog is called Sprinting Around DC, and it's by my friend and fellow Reality News Online editor Sandy.

Sandy became a runner just recently, running her first half marathon in Virginia Beach last year. Running was a challenge for her. She'd email me questions about clothing, gear, whether to run on the sidewalk or on grass - anything she could think of to make her a better runner.

Sandy's early entries are studded with remarks like, "I only had to stop to walk once today!" She worked hard, persevered, and finished with the world's biggest smile on her face.

Then, she kept on going. Specifically, Sandy took her running to an even bigger, better place. She signed on with Team In Training, ran her first marathon, then ran Virginia Beach again, turning in an impressive new PR despite some lousy weather. She also now serves as a team captain for TNT, mentoring people who are becoming runners for the first time, not unlike what she did herself not so long ago. She's also training to run her second marathon ever - and her second one this year. How cool is that? When the fabulous Amy from Runner's Lounge gave me an extra I AM A RUNNER braceleet, I knew I had to send it to Sandy right away. If anyone is a runner, it's Sandy.

It's true that I've been a runner for longer than Sandy has, and she still occasionally emails me looking for advice. But Sandy is absolutely an inspiration to me. I love reading her blog, seeing her continuing joy as she deepens her relationship with running, seeing the strength she derives from her work with TNT, and watching her go from trying not to take too many walk breaks on a five mile run to deciding that one marathon a year isn't enough.

So, go on over to Sandy's blog and discover a great new read.


SJ Goody said...

That is an awesome post and a great tribute to your friend. At first glance her blog looks awesome. Yet another great blog to add to my reader... with all this greatness, who has time for running? :)

Roisin said...

That's so cool! I'm definitely adding her to my list :)

tfh said...

Just added her to my list-- excited to see she's close to home for me, so there are some familiar runs here. Great idea to point us in the direction of a blog we might not just have stumbled upon.

newsjunkie said...

Ahhh Betsy, you made me cry!

Now I need to make sure I'm better at updating my blog... ;)

I can't tell you how much your advice and support has meant to me. I think if I didn't have you to ask my stupid questions, I would have quit long before I toed the starting line in VA Beach last year.

I'm being 100% honest when I say, many times when I finish a long run, or a really awesome run, my first thought is, "I can't wait to e-mail Betsy about this one!"

THANK YOU--for your advice, support, encouragement, and for trying to direct some traffic my way. :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

aw that's so cool!!

Andrea said...


So sweet of you to write about Sandy. She's one of my running buddies during our long runs and always keeps me going.

-- Andrea

Anonymous said...

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