Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have created a monster

This morning, Jack and I were talking about "Mommy's big race" that is coming up, also known as the Quad Cities Marathon.

Jack: Can I run the race with you, Mommy?
Me: No, this one I need to run by myself.
Jack: But I really want to run it with you.
Me: I do need you to cheer for me. You'll do that, right? How are you going to cheer for me?
Jack (forlornly): gomommygo.
Me: What? Is that what it's going to sound like?
Jack: I'm just sad because I want to run with you, Mommy.

Then I reminded him that he is running a race the day before my big race, and that if he wants to, he can run it all by himself.

Me: So, what do you think? Do you want me to run the race with you?
Jack: No. I am going to run it with Daddy and Uncle Andy. You can hold my tigers.

Dude is totally trying to make me feel bad.


Kent said...

Nothing like learning how to guilt mom into actions when they're young... You get stuck with tiger duty.

Laura said...

My five year old sister is CONSTANTLY asking if she can run a marathon with me :)

Nat said...

Does the Marathon have an kids runs? The Boy loves those and he calls them his "marathons" ...

(Philly had like half mile for the kidlets -- gave them shirts (nice ones and medals) and everything. Keeps him involved.

Ms. V. said...

Trying to figure out what kid code is for, "Hold My Tigers".

I wish my kids wanted to run with me. They're like, um. No.

Jennifer Burgett said...

Betsy - I left you a followup comment in my blog comments.

The Laminator said...

I think all marathons should have a companion kid's race.

Betsy said...

The marathon does have a companion kids' race, and that is the one for which I have tiger holding duty. But Jack is a determined little monkey and really wants to run the entire thing with me. What do you guys think - should I have him do the 50 states before Laura?

Laura said...

Betsy, if you want him to break any records, you'd better start him early:
"Brenton Floyd completed his 118th marathon on 7/7/01 at age 16 years 3 months to become the youngest finisher of all 50 states. He ran his first marathon at age 10."

Josiah said...

Hey Betsy,

I recently came across your blog and enjoyed reading through your archives as a fellow runner.

Over the past few months, I've been helping build - a community-based website for marathoners and triathletes. I wanted to let you know about the site, and wondered if you would be interested in posting about it in your blog.

Keep on running,