Friday, June 30, 2006

These Things

WeirdGirl has a fun post today that inspired me to follow suit.

Three things take me back to childhood:
1. Watching Sesame Street with Jack and singing along with all of the music. Ooh, or watching the Hoth scenes in The Empire Strikes Back. My brother and I had a record of TESB that we put on the floor between our bedrooms and listened to it every single night. I have it memorized.
2. Looking at a night sky full of lightning bugs.
3. Eating a nice cold popsicle on a hot day.

Three things take me back to high school:
1. Music by Violent Femmes or They Might Be Giants. Yep, there's a little bit of contrast there!
2. Public speaking. I was on the speech team in high school (hot!), so standing up in front of a big group of people, giving a presentation of some kind, is like coming home.
3. Emailing with the two people from high school (not counting my brother) that I still keep in touch with. Amy and Felicia can bring me into a giggle fit even now.

and I'll add a bonus list...
Three things that take me back to college:
1. Bourbon! Oh, beautiful, smokey, rich bourbon. One swallow of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, and I'm sitting on the steps of Washington Hall, sneaking nips out of my flask on a beautiful spring night.
2. A fierce and spirited discussion with smart people about books, politics, or anything that we all feel passionately about.
3. Walking outside on a sunny day, holding Steve's hand.

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