Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Half Birthday, Jack!

My little man celebrated his half birthday on Saturday. Not everybody celebrates or even notices half birthdays, but when your real birthday is December 24, it's good to have a little celebration day that is just about you. Jack began his day by doing some cooking, and Roary, good sport that he is, was willing to be Tiger Soup.

Steve went and got doughnuts. While he was out, Jack was dangerously close to starving to death, so he was in his highchair eating yogurt when the treats arrived. The little weirdling initially resisted, actually slapping his tray and saying "NO" when we offered him some doughnut. After some coaxing, Steve convinced him that jelly doughnuts are a fine food.

I then took Jack for a haircut, and he proceeded to flirt with all of the women there, then with a baby girl on the way to the car. After his nap, it was time for the big event. We laughed in the face of the dire weather reports (Noah-like storms predicted) and went forward with the block party. It was Steve's first party as the Mighty Block Captain, and I think he was nervous. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but Jack and I had a blast. He loved running around the the other kids, especially the glamorous older boys. We had his pool there, so a bunch of the kids enjoyed splashing around. He refused to eat any food other than mini brownies and snickerdoodles, and I decided that I didn't care. Plus, this fiesta featured what for Jack is the hallmark of a good party: bubbles. Jack was totally exhausted by the time we went home, and so was I.

Happy 1-1/2, Cub!


the weirdgirl said...

Happy half Birthday Jack!

K said...

Yay, Jack! Can you share with me your donuts and snickerdoodles? Thanks. Your pal, Andy