Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Spa Evening

Last night, I went from work to a spa to have a pedicure. We're going to the beach next week, so obviously, I need my feet to look cute. It sounded like a great time to have a little Betsy Time and enjoy myself. I was sick all day Sunday and really wanted to feel better. In fact, I still didn't have my appetite back and skipped lunch yesterday. And it had been a busy weekend (though fun), so hooray for a pedicure. Plus they had a fabulous sexsay red.

So, I'm in the pedicure throne, having my toes attended to, when all of a sudden, I felt that whooshing feeling by my ears and I totally slumped over and fainted. The aesthetician was scared to death, but after a soda and some peanut butter crackers, I was okay again.

I can go for a run in the blazing heat, pushing Jack's jogging stroller with no problem, but if I skip one meal, I will faint while receiving a spa treatment.

I would be the worst anorexic ever.

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the weirdgirl said...

Oh! That must have freaked out the spa people but good for you to get a little time to yourself! I've only fainted when I get sinus infections (besides pregnancy, I mean). I did it once when my friend was having her baby and I was descended upon by 20 nurses like a flock of birds, all trying to give me orange juice.

I really just wanted some heavy duty decongestant.