Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Catching Up

I cannot believe it's been a week since I posted, but there's been a lot going on at Stately Wasser Manor...

• Last Wednesday, June 14th, was Steve's and my 9th wedding anniversary. We had what I think was our best celebration yet. We slept in to the kingly hour of 7:30, at which time Jack snuggled in bed with us for a while. Then the three of us went out for breakfast. The rest of the day was, of course, Steve-Betsy Time, rather than Family Time, but we both agreed that it was nice to spend a little time with Jack, since he's such an important part of our relationship now. We took a long walk, then got the makings of a picnic and took it to the Chrysalis Winery in Middleburg. It was an absolutely beautiful day, so we ate our lunch and drank a bottle of wine outside on the patio, taking in the gorgeous view. We then wandered around the pretentious, overpriced shops until it was time to pick up the Wondercub. Dinner that night was ice cream, which we ate while watching bad TV together. I felt really close to Steve and very happy.

• Much of the weekend was spent outside. I honestly have no idea how we survived being cooped up in the house all winter, because playing outside is so much better. On Saturday, Jack "helped" me in the garden. Actually, he was a little bit of help. I had to clear the bed under the tree, and Jack's job was to put rocks and sticks in my bucket. He had a great time doing that and an even better time playing in the dirt. We went to the pool several times, and Jack loves the water. It was also time to fill up the inflatable pool that I got for the deck. Steve and I had the hose in the pool, and of course, Jack had to come out to investigate. About two seconds after I wondered aloud, "How long until that tiger goes in the pool?" we heard the small splash of Roary going into the drink. Jack then threw his binky in after him and laughed. Luckily, I had Secret Backup Roary at the ready, so crisis averted.

• The pool itself is really quite fabulous. We let it sit out in the sun all day Saturday and Sunday, so Sunday evening, the water was nice and warm. All three of us (but not the tiger) fit in in comfortably. I predict that Steve and I will spend some summer evenings sitting in the kiddie pool drinking wine. Classy!

• Sunday was Father's Day. Jack and I were more than happy to take good care of Steve, because he really deserves it. We took him out for breakfast, then Jack and I went to the park while he got in a run. During Jack's nap, I handed Steve some cash and told him to go out for a beer. When he returned, it was his turn for a nap, so Jack and I cuddled and watched Shrek 2. Then it was time to take Steve out for ice cream. After Jack went to bed, I made us steaks, twice baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. Steve realized mid-afternoon that he had really not done much of any work at all that day- I changed all of the diapers, etc. Mother's Day, you hear a lot about pampering moms, but I think a dad like Steve should get a special day of pampering, too.

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