Thursday, June 01, 2006

That's More Like It

Jack and I got through an entire evening without anything gross happening. Yay! In fact, he and I had the kind of evening that was ordinary, but that I want to remember because really, ordinary can be pretty great sometimes.

I arrived at school, and he greeted me with a flying tackle hug. Then he marched his little diapered butt right over to the door, ready to go home. There, he demanded a snack, so he enjoyed some raisins and some melon (new favorite food, I think) while I read him a story. We went downstairs to play, and he selected a DVD from the rack, something he hadn't done before. I so wish I could have known what he was thinking, because I bet it was something like, "No way! This DVD has Elmo on it! We are totally watching this." He handed it to me and said, "Em-o." Of course, we watched it, and it was a fun one, with lots of singing and dancing. Jack and I danced together, then did some bouncing songs. When the movie was over, he noticed his tiger across the room and ran over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. He then spent a lot of time putting the tiger (who really needs a name, as I refuse to call him Tiger) on his car, put his sippy of milk next to him, and pulled him around the room. So cute.

Jack and the tiger then stood at the foot of the stairs and asked to go upstairs. Seeing as it had been at least half an hour since his last snack, he was ravenous. He had milk and animal cookies, which he shared with both me and the tiger. After that, it was bathtime, since the previous night's bath had been less a bath and more damage control. Happily, during his post-bath running around naked time, he decided not to relieve himself anywhere inappropriate and instead to sit on my lap so we could read. He was such a sweet, snuggly little guy.

I'm really enjoying this Mommy-Son time, but I am also excited that the day after tomorrow, Steve is coming home. Yay!

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