Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back to Normal

Steve got home safely on Saturday: hooray! He met us at the park, where he was prompted greeted by a flying tackle hug from Jack. The boys and I then went to Celebrate South Riding. Can I just mention how great it was to let Steve load Jack into the car while I got the stroller and stuff, instead of doing both by myself? At the fair, Jack went on his very first ride- the merry go round. He absolutely loved it and giggled the entire time. Then we went on a little train, and Jack waved to the people like he was running for president. The three of us then walked past the stage (on our way to get more junk food, naturally). The band was warming up, and Jack was positively vibrating, he was so excited. Steve let him out of his stroller, and he rushed right out onto the dance floor. There, Jack showed off his hottest moves: the bounce, the foot stomp, the hip wiggle, and the twirl. He'd then go and work the crowd, giving high fives, and undoubtedly encouraging everyone to go out and dance. At one point, I had to keep him from climbing onto the stage like a drunk sorority girl. Good times.

I also loved hearing Steve and Jack playing together, just in the midst of doing something silly and laughing together. Makes me really happy.

Update: the tiger has a name. No longer will he be known as Tiger. His name is Roary, and it suits him.

Yesterday, Isabel (our 4 year old next door neighbor) gave Jack a small Elmo that she didn't play with anymore. Jack was absolutely thrilled and kept showing him to Isabel and yelling "Elmo!" He then decided to share his yogurt with Elmo. So darned cute.

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