Thursday, March 06, 2008

More on the Magic Shoes

Oh, Internet! I love that my fellow running geeks are almost as excited about my new shoes as I am. Here are the details:

They are the Asics Gel-3000, which is a stability shoe. They are shiny:

My last, like, five pairs of running shoes have been Asics. I am not completely married to the brand, but you know what? They work for me. I got them at my local running store, Running Wild. It's a great place - the guys who work there are incredibly helpful, and it makes me feel good to support a local business, and not, like, Dick's.

And you know what, babies? These suckers work.

I was nervous about last night's workout, which was 6 x 400 at 8:00 pace. I have not done quarters since the ancient days of high school, but I still remember very, very well that it was always a tough workout. I remember once doing a whopping 20 quarters, an experience that made me figure, "Eh, I did 20 quarters once, so childbirth should be all right."

I figured I'd do as many of the repeats at 8:00 pace as I could, and would not beat myself up if I couldn't do all of them that fast. That I have time to improve, and I'll be able to do better in my next speedwork.

But guess what? I rocked that thing OUT!

All six of them were on pace, and if I'd needed to, I could have done more - or done the last couple faster. And when I was done, I felt absolutely exhilarated.

See, I told you: new shoes are magic.


P.O.M. said...

Yep. YOu know you're a crazy runner when....
we just get way to excited about shoes!

Here's to being a crazy runner!

newsjunkie said...


I wore Asics up until my most recent pair of shoes and I really liked them, I still use them for my walking and bumming around shoes. But when I tried my Brooks Axiom 2s on I just fell in love. They just felt perfect on my feet in a way my Asics didn't. They're perfectly broken in and ready for Saturday's "4 5-mile runs" run.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Damn, I bet I've been wearing the wrong shoes!! :D :D

hee hee

K said...

I actually have a pair of those and love them. I bought some Nikes last time to see if I liked them better and never wear them. It's Asics for me again next time.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

There is very few things more magic than new shoes and a great run! Congrats!

Nibbles said...

You were on pace for every one of those intervals? WOW! That's awesome.