Friday, December 21, 2007

Much Better

Hey, Internet, thanks for your kind words after my lousy day of mommying the other day. Jack's been doing much better since, and I think the only thing wrong is that he has a serious case of Two Year Old. Thank Yoda it'll all be over on Monday when he turns three!*

Jack was on the verge of turning to The Dark Side again the very next day, and I'm happy to report that we nipped it in the bud. He was offended by the ridiculous suggestion that Mommy and Daddy had that maybe he would like to sit down and eat some food, seeing as how he was hungry and all. Dude was about ready to throw some punches again, so I took him upstairs and we talked. I acknowledged his feelings - that he was mad at MommyDaddy - and had him say it in words. Then we practiced making angry faces, and by the time he was finished telling Pooh all about it (Roary was unavailable), he felt much better.

I really do think that the best way to keep him from hitting is to intervene as quickly as possible. It's like once he starts, he's like, "Hell with it, I'm already misbehaving, so I might as well keep it up." I shall advise him like Yoda: Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

*Don't you dare correct me, people.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh yeah, that switch will TOTALLY flip automatically at midnight of the birthday. :D Good luck!!

Have a great holiday with little Skywalker.

cherylann said...

See, I think that it's more terrible threes instead of terrible twos. At least in my experience. Good Luck, and Happy Birthday Jack!

newsjunkie said...

And why was Roary unavailable? :)

Also, wouldn't Yoda say "Once down the dark path you start..."

I'm just sayin'.

Otherwise, you go mommy!

K said...

I have been promised that the terrible twos end on Andy's birthday. I refuse to listen to all those folks who keep chiming in saying "it's really the terrible threes." They are also the same people who keep telling me it's going to be soooo much harder having two kids than one, as if I can do anything about that NOW. Sure 8 months ago, but now is a little late.

bill carter said...

How about the terrible 5's?? My son was pretty darn easy at 2 and 3but now at 5 is doing the hitting anything that moves thing. In the meantime, we're just doing the best we can and hope for the best.