Monday, January 26, 2009

Red Pants

Jack is capable of dressing himself (mostly, so long as there aren't any buttons or whatever involved and if you are flexible about which shoe goes on which foot). It doesn't happen every day because it takes him so catlicking long to focus and get something done on his own that usually I just dress him. Cause, you know: I've got things to do.

But when he does dress himself, there is one element that is always present: Red pants.

Jack will emerge from his room wearing whichever shirt strikes his fancy - often something with a hood so he can be a Jedi, or maybe with his favorite character of the moment, but it is always joined by a pair of red sweatpants.

Yesterday, he dressed himself in an ivory sweatshirt with an orange and blue camping motif... and red sweatpants. It really didn't work together at all, but whatever; I let it go.

In the course of the day, his outfit got dirty, so I asked him to change. Sure enough he managed to find, buried in his drawer, another pair of red sweatpants. I didn't even know he had another pair.

Why red sweatpants? I have no idea. His favorite color is blue, and I don't think I've ever said or done anything to encourage this particular satorical choice.

But I'm not going to say anything. I like seeing what he comes up with on his own.


MCM Mama said...

My little brother went through a stage where he only wanted to wear green pants. My mom finally gave up and bought a bunch of pairs, so she wouldn't have to fight with him. My 3 year old just got out of a stage where (if I let him dress himself), he wore his clothes backwards. He KNEW they were backwards, he just wanted them that way. *shrug* Kids are weird. :o)

N.D. said...

That's really cute! I'll take it!

SJ Goody said...

I can relate to Jack. (Is that bad?) I am a creature of comfort and have multiple pairs of my favorite sweatpants...

What I am saying is maybe they are his most comfortable pants!? :)

bill carter said...

HI Betsy

This post had me cracking up as I never know what Aidan will choose as his outfit du jour. It is usually a combination of at least 6 different colors and almost never disappoints.

Congrats on the Frostbite and the
3rd place.

DDYA... ever.

Hope to talk to you soon re the book.

Roisin said...

In the proud tradition of dressing like most men without the help of a woman ;)

newsjunkie said...

Jack's pants would go very well with my new running shoes and jacket. :D